HB-101 Japan’s No.1 Plant Vitalizer

Order_HereCenturies of experience and know-how in a single drop

From beautiful blooms to delicious fruits and vegetables, healthy lawns to hearty house plants – you can achieve it all with HB-101, the all-purpose, all natural plant vitalizer.

HB-101 on AM Northwest

HB-101 was born from centuries of experience in the care of plants and trees – 400 years of family tradition and knowledge passed from generation to generation. Not a plant food, not a natural fertilizer, our HB-101 formula is a unique, all organic plant growth enhancer made from the essences of long-lived trees – including cedar, cypress, and pine – and plantain, a well-known medical herb.

Non-toxic and pet safe, HB-101 is perfect for organic and reduced-chemical cultivation, effective for growing and “revitalizing” healthier, more vibrant plants of all varieties.

HB-101 plant vitalizer has gained the approval of thousands of people world-wide who enjoy growing plants, including farmers, kitchen gardeners, horticulturalists and garden hobbyists throughout Japan. HB-101 is now available at garden centers throughout the US. Or order HB-101 online today.