The History of HB-101

HB-101 plant vitalizer is the product of a rich family history.

The Kawase family of Japan has been in the forest industry for four hundred years, producing and supplying lumber in a country that, for centuries, has traditionally used wood in its architecture. The world’s oldest and largest wooden buildings are in Japan. Temples and shrines, as well as ordinary homes, are built of wood, which is well suited to the country’s climate.

Toudaiji, world's largest wooden building

Toudaiji, world’s largest wooden building

For fifteen generations, the Kawase family has taken great care in the management and conservation of their timber resource, ensuring a healthy forest and ongoing lumber supply. Techniques to promote the growth of strong and healthy trees have been passed down from one generation to the next – painstakingly 

recorded, shared, and continually improved upon: Natural ways to heal and improve sick and weak trees; ways to protect trees from pests; and the discovery, through trial and error, that certain plants and plant essences have beneficial effects on the growth of both trees and plants.

HB-101 plant vitalizer is the result of those discoveries. Using explicit notes from the Kawase family archives, Yoshinari Kawase, President of Flora Co., Ltd., developed the organic plant growth enhancer, a unique blend of the essences of Japanese cedars, pines, Japanese cypresses and plantains.

Today, HB-101 is one of Japan’s top all natural plant growth products, sold in more than 5,000 retail stores throughout the country. As a popular nutrient for plants, trees and crops, it is used by farmers, horticulturalists and home gardeners worldwide. We are pleased to now be expanding our product availability in the U.S.

We are dedicated to providing a quality, organic plant product that carries on in the tradition of the Kawase family, supported by centuries of knowledge and experience. Please contact us with any questions or comments.