How to Dilute

HB-101 is an organic product and has no harms on people even if it is undiluted. However, since the acidity and power of undiluted HB-101 is too strong for plants, HB-101 needs to be diluted before application.


HB-101 can be used by diluting it from 1,000x to 100,000x. Take a look at the table in the “Steps of how to dilute HB-101” down below. Dilute HB-101 with water and spray the diluted solution on the leaves and the soil once a week all year round.

1. How can I read this table?

Find the size of your watering can or watering device at the top row of the table.

2. What dilution ratio is good for my plants?

HB-101 can be used by diluting it between 1,000x and 100,000x. You might start at a ratio of 4,000x or 5,000x. You can change the ratio based on the condition or growing stage of your plants. At a certain occasion, such as replanting, apply 1,000x, the strongest solution.


3. How much HB-101 do I need for my watering can? In the column of the size of your watering can, go down the column and find your preferable dilution radio. Then, go to the very left row and find the amount of HB-101.

For example, if your watering can is 3 gallons and you want to apply 5,000x solution, go down the column of “3 gallons” and find “5,487”, which is approximately 5,000x. Then, go to the very left and find “2ml” of HB-101.

4. How can I measure HB-101?

Each HB-101 bottle has a measuring cup on top of the cap of a bottle. You will be able to measure HB-101 from 1 ml. (one teaspoon is about 5 ml.).


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