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Q. Is HB-101 a fertilizer?

A. HB-101 is neither an agricultural chemical nor a fertilizer. It is an all-natural plant vitalizer that supports healthy plants. Hence, HB-101 is referred to as a plant vitalizer, or plant growth enhancer.


Q. Do I have to use a fertilizer in addition to HB-101?

A. Yes. HB-101 is not a fertilizer. We suggest use of an organic fertilizer suitable for your plants along with application of HB-101 Plant Vitalizer.

HB-101 enhances uptake of necessary components of the fertilizer. As HB-101 increases the population of beneficial microbes in the soil and conditions the soil, usage of fertilizer can be reduced by 25% for the first year and more as years pass and quality of the soil improves by HHB-101.


Q. Can HB-101 be used for organic farming?

A. Yes. HB-101 plant vitalizer is OMRI listed and is approved by the State of Oregon to use for organic farming.


Q. Is HB-101 for houseplants or outdoor plants?

A. HB-101 can be used for all plants from houseplants to outdoor plants, from mushrooms to lawns and huge trees. Also, HB-101 can also be used for soil conditioning, seed treatment to harvest year-round.


Q. Is HB-101 safe to use for fruits and vegetables?

A. Yes. HB-101 is derived only from plant extracts and it is organic. HB-101does not include any synthetic chemicals. It is very safe to use HB-101 for fruits trees and vegetables.


Q. How does HB-101 affect leaves?

A. Plants need sunlight, air (carbon dioxide and oxygen), water and soil (minerals and microorganisms) to grow. If the delicate balance of these 25 elements is not maintained, growth is slowed or stopped. Sunlight and carbon dioxide are absorbed into the plant’s system through its leaves, where photosynthesis produces glucose and other nutrients necessary

for survival. When HB-101 solution is sprayed onto foliage and applied to the soil, the plant absorbs necessary nutrients from the soil. These nutrients are combined with ionized calcium and sodium from HB-101and absorbed into the leaves’ cells, thereby strengthening the cells and increasing photosynthetic efficiency. This results in greener leaves and stronger, healthier plants.


Q. Does HB-101 help in conditioning of the soil?

A. Soil should be soft and contain a good balance of water and air, and should allow good drainage after rain or irrigation. It should also maintain proper moisture even during sunny weather and should be neutral to mildly acidic. In such conditions, the balance of microorganisms in the soil will be favorable. However, factors such as acidic rain, agricultural chemicals, and repeated cultivation can harm the soil and stunt the growth of the essential microorganisms. With HB-101, the propagation and proper balance of these microorganisms can be maintained.


Q. Is HB-101 harmful to my pet and other animals?

A. HB-101 is not harmful to living things. HB-101 is not an insecticide while it repels insects. Plants have natural defense mechanisms, similar to the immune system of humans. However, if a plant is not in optimum condition, the immune system is not effective and hence, plants are vulnerable to attack by harmful insects. HB-101 helps plants’ immune system improve.


Q. The color of HB-101 is not exactly the same for all bottles. Why?

A. HB-101 is made from sheer plant essence, the color of which is different from tree to tree. As a result, the color and smell may sometimes differ from bottle to bottle. However, the effects are stable and you can expect good performance.



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